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If you’re in the UK  you have probably seen huge window displays of this book in your local high street bookseller, such is the buzz around this Great Gatsby inspired page-turner. For once, this is rightly deserved. I devoured Gorsky over two train journeys and found it to be one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read this year.

Nick is a Serbian living in London and working in a shabby old bookshop. His humdrum life is turned on its head when the commission of a lifetime from Russian billionaire Gorsky sees him thrust into a world of wealth, beauty, art and sex. But, of course, all this comes at a price and Nick’s life is suddenly filled with danger.

Set in Chelsea (or Chelski!) the reader is immersed in a decadent world spilling over with previously unimaginable luxury, sums of money, dangerous liaisons and lives in peril. The writing is so elegant and each scene dangles the carrot to keep you reading more – you will race through this book like a box of chocolates when you know you should stop but you can’t!

My fellow bookworms, bibliophiles and library fanatics will no doubt be as excited as me at the thought of putting together the ultimate library – as Nick does here.

Clever, original and thoroughly entertaining. I recommend this to anyone who likes their escapism mixed with a little sexy, criminal adventure. Great book.


Notes on the author – Vesna Goldsworthy

  • Born in Belgrade in 1961 and has lived in London since 1986
  • She writes in English, her third language
  • She is the author of three previous books but Gorsky is her first novel  and was a BBC Radio 4 Book of The Week

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