The Mystery of The Blue Train

blue train



I’m going through a bit of stress with my job at present and so I thought it was time to revisit the great Hercule Poirot! Curling up with an Agatha Christie is for me a comfort to rival curling up with a bowl of chocolate ice cream. I chose The Mystery of The Blue Train as it’s one of my favourites, due in part to its setting in my beloved Nice and Monte Carlo but also due to the great sleuth being on magnificent form.

As the luxurious Blue Train rolls into Nice, Ruth Kettering is found dead in her compartment. She has been killed by a heavy, disfiguring blow and what’s more her precious rubies are missing. Estranged husband Derek is chief suspect from the off, yet as always Poirot is unconvinced and all is not as obvious as it seems.

Poirot is at his clever and most playful best in this story. Using his charms and ingenuity to extract the truth and assemble the facts from a glorious cast of characters. The luxurious surroundings of the famous Negresco Hotel and the Monte Carlo Tennis Club make you want to linger over this story rather than tear through it to find out whodunnit. Poirot’s use of an eerie re-enactment of Mrs Kettering’s last journey in the final chapters produces a most unexpected and satisfying twist.

Absolutely delightful to meet Hercule Poirot once again.



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