Blotto, Twinks and The Rodents Of The Riviera




This is what you get when you judge a book solely by its cover. Disappointment. Yes, in a moment of payday madness I caught sight of the famous picture of Nice that adorns the cover of Simon Brett’s third Blotto & Twinks mystery and soon I was handing over the cash and dreaming of my most loved destination – the French Riviera.

There the dreaming ended. This wasn’t challenging and too far-fetched but, I suppose, good-humoured nonsense that I couldn’t wait to get through and get shot of.

Two family portraits go missing from Tawcester Towers. Posho aristocratic siblings, Blotto and Twinks, quickly hightail off to France in pursuit of the art thieves. Lots of silliness then ensues and people called Mimsy, Dimpsy and Giles Strappe-Cash crop up. In what context I’ll admit to being unsure as it’s hard to read when your eyes are either glazing over or looking longingly at the “to be read” pile by your bedside!

Simon Brett has a legion of fans and is well-regarded by some quite prominent peers. However, it is just not for me. There was a lack of location description, boring French and American stereotypes (garlic, hot dogs etc) and some truly irritating dialogue peppering every paragraph with sub-P.G Wodehouse exclamations such as; “great whiffling water rats!” and “dollops of clotted cream, Blotto me old trombone!” All very hard to digest and for me, not enjoyable reading.


Notes on the author- Simon Brett:

  • Born in 1945, Oxford educated
  • Published many works, mostly crime novels
  • Lives near Arundel, West Sussex


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