The Cornish Coast Murder



(A British Library Crime Classic)


The British Library have republished a gorgeous set of novels from the golden age of British crime fiction. So far I have limited myself to purchasing just four of them! I start here with a classic mystery, first published in 1985, by John Bude.

Set against the vividly described backdrop of a Cornish fishing village, a man is found shot dead in his living room one stormy night. Whilst not a popular man he seems without any obvious enemies.

The Reverend Dodd, vicar of the quiet village of Boscawen, who spends his evenings reading detective stories by the fireside, soon puts his keen understanding of the criminal mind to the test by helping the local police inspector track down the murderer.

This is a well written story that is full of clever red herrings and blind alleys. Its strength lies in the small but charming cast of characters and the location rather than the oddly unsatisfying conclusion to their manhunt. For me, Rev. Dodd is the unquestionable highlight throughout. A good read for murder mystery lovers. Beautiful cover.


Notes on the author – John Bude:

  • Real name Ernest Elmore (1901-1957)
  • Author of 30 crime novels which are now very rare and highly collectible
  • Worked in the theatre as a producer and director


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