Let’s explore diabetes with owls




I’m not going to say it. Oh ok then I will. This book was an absolute hoot! Oh dear, I said it. But it was. These essays and monologues are full of quizzical observation, great comedy, surreal experiences and quick, sharp, brilliantly witty writing.

In one excerpt he recalls competing with pop-kid Donny Osmond for his father’s approval, other parts recall him keeping sea turtles in his bedroom and buying stuffed owls for his boyfriend. His writing offers us humour and at turns, knowing frailty. The humour being of the kind that makes you snort coffee out your nose/ people move away from you on the train.

I loved the piece on modern  children; “Our artwork did not hang on the refrigerator or anywhere near it because my parents recognised it for what it was, crap. They did not live in a child’s house, we lived in theirs.”

I also loved his description of how Americans dress when they’re travelling; “It’s as if the person next to you had been washing shoe polish off a pig, then suddenly threw his sponge down saying fuck this, I’m going to Los Angeles!”

Really funny, clever and interesting writing. I would definitely read more of his material. Thanks to my husband for putting me onto him. Great taste!


Notes on the author – David Sedaris:

  • Has written 7 other books
  • Regular contributor to The New Yorker and Radio 4
  • Now lives in England


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