The Wavewatcher’s Companion




Sadly, I didn’t find this as accessible and witty as his best-selling ‘The Cloudspotter’s Guide.’ Parts were fascinating, but I felt slightly mislead by the book’s title in relation to it’s actual content. I was hoping for clear explanations I could consult as I sat by the sea looking out at the waves lapping at the shore. Instead it had the feel of the dreaded old school physics text book for me. Headings, colour illustrations and more of his trademark easy touch would’ve made for a more pleasing read.

There is also much less about the waves I wanted to know about (the ones in the ocean) than there were about waves in our oesophagus, a snake’s belly and in a bee communicating the whereabouts of a custard tart to the rest of the hive (actually, the bee bit was interesting!)

For science-y types and surfers more than sea-siders.


Notes on the author;

  • Founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society
  • Co-founded The Idler – a magazine “that defends the noble art of doing nothing”
  • Lives in Somerset

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