Fantastic fifth mystery with Flavia



Speaking from among the bones cover


The delightful eleven-year-old amateur sleuth is back! This is the fifth book in the Flavia de Luce series – my most favourite detective series of all. Not at all run of the mill and bursting full of hilarious characters and ghastly murders, Alan Bradley’s cult books are almost impossible to put down.

In this story the tomb of St Tancred is opened to reveal the body of the popular church organist lying in a pool of blood with a gas mask covering his once handsome face.

Our budding chemist and detective Flavia immediately engages her marvellous powers of deduction, not to mention eavesdropping and snooping, to lead her deep into the past, to a strange story of lost manuscripts and the precious Heart of Lucifer stone.

Accompanied by her trusty bicycle Gladys and with the use of the chemical laboratory at the family down at heel Buckshaw home, Flavia is as ever one step ahead of the police and the killers alike.

I love the language Alan Bradley uses and his superb dialogue really draws you into the characters – particularly with Flavia “Floral baskets, indeed!” and her mean older sisters Daffy and Feely.

The book ends on a thrilling cliffhanger involving Flavia’s presumed dead mother. All very timely as mystery number 6 “The Dead in the Vaulted Arches” hits the shelves in hardback.

Exquisite writing, prefect reading.


 Notes on the author – Alan Bradley:Alan BRADLEY

  • The first Flavia de Luce mystery “The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie” won him CWA Debut Dagger in 2007. His books have now been translated into more than thirty languages.
  • He listened to organ classics on his ipod whilst writing “Speaking From Among The Bones.” Everything from Bach to old Wesleyan hymns and the Kings College Choir.
  • He lives with his wife Shirley on the Isle of Man.

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