The times they are a-changing




A critics quote on the back cover of this book said: “Reading Brewster is like entering the very heart of a Bruce Springsteen song – all grace, all depth, all sinew.” I bought it on the spot. Sounded perfect to me.

Brewster is a coming of age story set in small-town America in the late Sixties. Like the Dylan records they listen to by the reservoir, the times they are a-changing for Jon Mosher and his best friend, local legend Ray Cappicciano.

Set against the backdrop of finishing up school, long summers, track running, fist fighting and Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Fortunate Son,’ Mosher and his pals dream of a way out of their tragic home lives – with abuse and bereavement at the heart of this novel.

What follows is an intense story, one written with devastating patience that burns slowly and brilliantly. The narrative is gripping and Slouka uses minimalist but excellent prose to conjure up the mood of the era.

Surprising and dramatic events in the final chapters finish off a terrific read. One to devour.


Notes on the author: Mark Slouka

  • Author of two other novels – Lost Lake and The Visible World
  • Contributing editor to Harper’s
  • Lives in upstate New York

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