Mac the Mouth in his own words

Ian McCulloch

Ian McCulloch is one of indie pop’s finest singers. In the late seventies and throughout the eighties and late nineties, his band Echo and The Bunnymen were critically acclaimed and hugely popular with audiences. Albums like Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here still regularly appear in classic album lists and on my own turntable!

Here in this gorgeously presented book, McCulloch’s lyrics from his Bunnymen and solo material are laid out for us to savour every word.

Ian Mcculloch young

Themes of losing hope and love, fear of the future, being broken hearted, seeing the world in a different way from others and questioning our purpose here are common in popular music and feature heavily throughout his work. Not many write as especially well as McCulloch and when those words are then expressed through his creamy rich Liverpudlian croon, it can only make for fantastic songs.

Here are some of my favourite lyrics from the book:

 One of us is you

And one of us is me

Broken frozen, equal parts

Broken hearts breaking free

From ‘All Because of You Days’

Where the hell have you been?

We’ve been waiting with our best suits on

Hair slicked back and all that jazz

Rolling down the Union Jack

From ‘All That Jazz’

 Ian MCculloch older

I’ve been catching my reflection

I’m still looking at someone

Still perfecting imperfection

Like everyone

Every no one

From ‘Flowers’

I don’t want to be forgiven

All I want is to be free

I know I’ll never be forgiven

I know I’ll never be free

From ‘Forgiven’

Let’s go and take a ride

To all those starry nights

We used to fly upon

When we were young

When everything was coming right

In all our dreams of love and life

And we would run

Into the sun

From ‘Get in the Car’

Let’s walk upon the misty moors

If luck runs out, I’ll buy some more

Chance for chancers

Fate for the poor

From ‘Honeydrip’

Now do you see how

We’re in the margins

We’re below and up above

I see now

How life wins

When we’re all that’s left of love

From ‘In the Margins’


I need a love a love without question

A clean mind and a pocket of space

I want a map and a sense of direction

Looking for love and the thrill of a world

From ‘Lowdown’

This is a great little book for fans of Ian McCulloch, Echo and The Bunnymen, great lyricists, and great song writing.


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