What if you could talk to the dead?



American writer Mitch Albom is one of my best loved authors. He has sold more than 34 million books worldwide which is no surprise to me as his thought provoking novels are such lovingly crafted reads.

I have previously enjoyed 5 of his magnificent stories:mitch albom

  1. The Five People You Meet in Heaven
  2. Tuesdays With Morrie (Memoir)
  3. For One More Day
  4. Have A Little Faith and
  5. The Timekeeper

And his latest release is no let down! The First Phone Call From Heaven is a story of hope, loss, love, faith and the existence of Heaven. Residents in the small town of Coldwater, Lake Michigan begin to receive phone calls from loved ones that have passed away.

The world and its media descend on Coldwater hoping that this is the greatest miracle ever. Deceased sons, sisters and even former employees appear to be calling the people they left behind from the afterlife.

But not everyone is convinced. Some suspect a hoax, like lead protagonist and grief stricken single Dad, Sully Harding. Watching his son Jules waiting for a phone call from his dead Mum breaks Sully’s heart and he vows to uncover the truth.

Albom is one of literature’s finest storytellers and here he weaves a soulful tale which makes you think, doubt, question and hope in equal measure. He writes simple, page turning, accessible prose on life’s complex subjects like faith, history, love and time. Each sentence packed with emotion and intimacies so that you feel everything.

Sully’s character reminds me of Pat from Silver Linings Playbook, the victim of a seeming injustice, he is out to right a wrong. Although Sully takes on some detective work in the hope of exposing a cruel lie, this book is never a Whodunnit. Albom provokes us with each twist and turn of the plot to question or strengthen our own belief or disbelief. To see the world and life through the eyes of those who have faith and those who don’t.

In the end the mystery maybe solved but some questions remain. Big questions. You’ll do a lot of thinking after reading this one. I cannot recommend Mitch Albom’s work enough. Great, great books.


 Notes on the author – Mitch Albom

  • Author, screenwriter, playwright, journalist
  • Sold more than 34m books worldwide. Published in 42 languages.
  • Tuesdays With Morrie is the bestselling memoir of all time
  • Founder of seven charities in Detroit and Haiti
  • Lives in Michigan with his family

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