Moz Mania!




Morrissey means just everything.

His music is a crutch, an emotional blanket.

It’s there when nobody else is or when you just need familiar words

(Olivia, Morrissey fan)

Dickie Felton is a Morrissey devotee from Liverpool. Morrissey International Airport is his story of following Moz on tour to 10 gigs in 10 towns in 5 countries. From Dunoon to Dallas, he covered 12,000 miles during Morrissey’s tour of far off places.

dickiefeltonHis book is full of shared stories, tales and experiences from fans all over the world who devote their lives to the legendary Smiths singer’s every move.

Often quiffed, tattooed and rocking the double denim look, The Moz Army  are world-renowned for their globe-trotting passionate pilgrimages. For them, no Moz gig is a gig too far.

But what motivates Moz mania? Why has Margaret from Fresno travelled 5,000 miles for a handshake with a 54-year-old pop star? I can understand it, as will most who read this book. But it’s also a great read for anyone who can’t fathom why we fling ourselves at stage barriers, write him silly notes, blow the overdraft and endure the endless pity of our loved ones for the sake of seeing up close what others perceive as a miserable old bugger.

Little do they know!

One fan likens it, quite rightly in my opinion, to following a football team. “It’s in your blood. And the passion, the belonging, the being part of something bigger is exactly what it means to be a Morrissey fan.”

The emotions of the most obsessive fans in music are beautifully captured here from announcement of a tour, to nervously trying to secure tickets, to travelling far and wide to see him, to the great man walking onstage to us thrusting ourselves towards him desperately hoping for a piece of his sweaty shirt or a brush of his outstretched hand.

A book by a fan for the fans, this made me smile throughout at the spine tingling memories it evoked and the special bond the Morrissey faithful share.

Oh Morrissey in our own strange way we’ll always be true to you – please announce a tour soon!

SOUTHSEA BOOKWORM RATING: 9/10dickiefelton2airport

Notes on the author – Dickie Felton

  • His first book The Day I Met Morrissey was released in 2009
  • First Morrissey gig was in 1991 at the Aberdeen Capitol Theatre – “Morrissey opened with Interesting Drug and I was in love.”
  • Dickie is working on a third book about football

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