The game is afoot

oscar game called murder


The second witty and fascinating book in the Oscar Wilde Mystery series by author, broadcaster and former MP, Gyles Brandreth. This hugely entertaining fictionalised series focuses on Oscar as an amateur sleuth, joined on his investigations by famous friends including Arthur Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker and their elite circle.

The game is afoot as Oscar invites his friends and acquaintances to join him at the Cadogan Hotel for another Sunday Supper Club. During the merriment of the evening, the great wit cajoles his guests into a game – with murderous consequences.

The gathered writers, poets, politicians, sportsmen and clergymen are all asked, in jest, to secretly name someone they would most like to murder. In the subsequent week, the named victims (some of whom are Oscar’s guests) begin to drop like flies. Oscar smells murder most foul but can he solve the mystery before he loses his own life?

This book like the others in the series is a work of genius with its complex and exciting plot that zips along. An intelligent story, full of gorgeous Wildean wit and language that I read over and over just to savour the words. Brandreth and Wilde are made for each other. The stuff that is real is believeable and the invented is as wonderful, if not more so.

Sparkling and atmospheric throughout, this series is murder mystery at its best.


Notes on the author – Gyles Brandrethgyles brandreth

  • He is a writer, broadcaster, former MP and government whip
  • Currently a reporter on BBC1’s The One Show and a regular on Radio 4’s Just a Minute
  • These acclaimed Victorian detective stories are now being published in 21 countries around the world.
  • Many my age will known him as the man in the crazy woolly jumpers on breakfast television in the 1980s


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