This Charming Man



This was a great read. A really captivating and brilliant story of Rock n Roll excess, high times, low times and very bad behaviour.

Rod Stewart’s journey through Rock is well known. We are all familiar with his voice, hair, great songs and his love of drugs and tall leggy blondes. Here though, we are getting it from the horse’s mouth and Rod is a great raconteur – candid and hilarious throughout.

Starting at his North London roots, onto his time with The Faces, his love of Celtic Football Club, the fashion, the drugs and of course the women…Rod takes us on a rollicking ride through fifty years of living the high life. The women in particular feature heavily – as there have been so many of them!  Reading this book, I admired his honesty when describing the way he treated some of them. Alana, Rachel, Penny and all the others in between fell for this charming man and you can see why. He had the look (if sometimes a bit of an off-kilter look!), the money, the success, humour and generosity. But above all this, and sweeping the lamborghinis and Miami mansions to one side, Rod seems much like a normal bloke who has struck lucky. As he says himself “I’m a lucky, lucky man. Lucky as fuck.”

I absolutely loved this book. I think a lot of that was in the fondness with which he still recalls each of his love affairs and the people who have come in and out of his life. The tone here is droll but so good and the jokes work. He writes articulately about the music too, a singer who really knows his stuff.

This is such an entertaining book. I like Rod even more than before I read it. I’d recommend this to anyone who’d like a guided tour through the life of a rock star – is there anyone that wouldn’t want to experience that?!


Notes on the author – Rod Stewart

  • Rod has recorded over 25 studio albums in his solo career. His band The Faces recorded 4 studio albums together plus a live album.
  • He was born in 1945 in Highgate, London
  • He is currently in the Top 20 of the UK album chart with his album ‘Time.’ His first original material in nearly two decades.

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